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December 2009

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I'm searching for you.

I want to run so fast and let the wind take me. Up by my heels to a distant shore. A place I've never seen, never been before. Please see that I find my way. Oh Wind, You could never be too hasty. Fly, Fly, Fly, I will and not look back. I have the strength to make it.  Here I grow weary, take me to a place where my light can shine. Where I can love and be. Where Purpose, my Purpose shows itself to me. Search deep into my soul and see that I am ready. Build, Build, Build a home strong and steady. I want to see what's on the other side. Let me look back and know this journey has been worth every tear, every scar, every stab. Oh wind I am you and you are Me. Stick close to me please Wrap us up in each other. Live with me. Let me feel your cool breeze in my solo space. Show me that I am not alone. Show me that I am love. Let me Breathe you in. Feel you nourish me. Help me find the version of me that is all love. Let us meet in the night, forge in our sleep and wake in our beautiful balance. New. Fresh, Knowing. She is out there. I know she exists and she is me. Use your mighty force oh wind and carry my cries to my future Love, Love, Love, Love, Please come to me love! Be one with me. Have Courage to show me what Life can be. Take me to the waters edge and I will get Clean, show me to the fire and I will Thrive.