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December 2009

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Improve. Improv.

Tonight I signed up for a local Improv group.
I was asked to fill out a small questionnaire and it's insights are noteworthy for me.
Having searched my mind in this exercise, more light is shed on who I am.
My answers are as follows:

Tell me about you?
I am a repressed performer. Every night at my job, I am on stage and I love it. I pour whiskey and entertain the crowd. We are all unscripted actors, posturing and posing. I'm recharged by social interaction and yet I have a tendency to live in my head. I want to broaden my perspective while pushing myself out of my comfort zone. I am anxious to meet people who are on a similar path.

What are your interests?
Love, Sewing, Painting, Fitness, Modeling, Singing, Dancing, Language, Meditation, The awesome human mind, travel, PEOPLE!

Lists some Improvs you have participated in.
-Endless prank phone calls.
-Impromptu voice mail songs recorded with my brother to shock my parents friends when they call the house....Delayed satisfaction, yet delicious!
-Changing my accent for a whole day assuming another personality...
-interpretive dance to the symphony channel, you're an elephant I'm a mouse GO!

What are a few improv ideas?
assign roles and play "house" or "office" What would the world be like if we were all men/all women?
What is improv?
Improv is a marriage of minds. Using awareness and your ability to act to its fullest. Improv is letting go and hanging on at the same time.

These very basic questions when focused on a particular subject are extremely helpful. When people ask me about myself I am usually quite or I give them a short vague answer. I think' " there is too much to tell!" My mind needs focus. If I ask the right questions I will know exactly what they are asking, what they want to learn. If I pay close enough attention, I will know what I am willing to give.

When I look at these answers I see that bar tending makes sense for me. The majors I have picked in school however do not. To further pursue any of them would be hiding, playing it safe.

I am in love with tonight.



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